Introducing the new ATLASTA® SoftTip detailing brush

We are pleased to introduce the ATLASTA® SoftTip detailing brush, a new brush for automobile detailing. Based on the company’s popular ATLASTA parts cleaning brush, ATLASTA SoftTip is made with a specially tapered polyester filament which gives the brush a softer tip than typical parts cleaning brushes.  This soft tip will not scratch chrome or clear coat, making it ideal for auto

atlasta-st-w375 200x200

detailing jobs.

            “ATLASTA SoftTip was designed as a wheel brush,” said Douglas Johnson, vice president of Paint Brush Corporation, “but based on the comments from detailers who tested the brush we believe it can be used both outside and inside automobiles.  With a soft, bullet-shaped tip that can reach into hard-to-reach spots without scratching, we think it is the ideal brush for auto detailing.”

            The ATLASTA SoftTip detailing brush will be introduced at the AAPEX/SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 30 – November 1.  Parts Brush Division will be exhibiting in the Tools and Equipment section of the show at booth 1655.