Detailers review Atlasta® SoftTip

Before we launched our new Atlasta® SoftTip detailing brush, we sent it to a group of auto detailers to get their reaction. The jury is in. The brush is a hit! We'd like to share those reviews with you.


Greg Gellas of Signature Detailing posted a lengthy review on Detailed Image's website, complete with photos and suggestions on how to use the brush.  Here's a link to the review.  Thanks to Greg Pautler of Detailed Image for putting the review on DI's website and giving us permission to use the photo. 

We would also like to give special thanks to Will Amstutz of Windows and Wheels Detailing for helping us to set up the panel of testers.  Wills posted his review on YouTube.

Here are some of the other comments from our reviewers:

"I used it today as an interior brush . . . love it! Really gets in seams well, especially around window switches which always have build-up.  Another brush with the same bristles, but slightly smaller diameter, would be ideal." Mike Napoli
Huntersville, NC

 "I really like the durability of the brush, engine bay detailing is fantastic, most interior work such as seams, foot pedals, spot cleaned an area on carpet with it also, comfortable to use.  I don't know how well it would do with non-textured plastics on the interior.  I've been apprehensive to try it."
Aron Bodle
Masterwork Detail
Tampa, FL

"The construction is awesome.  I have no doubt it will last.  I tested it on my own car and the bristles are too stiff to be used for cleaning emblems or seams around painted areas.  It works well for vents but better on pedals, jambs and seat rails.  It is also great for the entire engine bay area.  Better than a boars hair brush at getting oil and caked residue removed.  I will get another brush so I have one for the exterior and one for interior use."  Greg Gellas
Signature Detailing
Randolf, NJ

"So far I'm very impressed with the Atlasta SoftTip brush.  I've used it on leather, door jambs and wheels.  This brush has been perfect for those applications.  The bristles are very durable, don't lose shape, and there has been no loss of bristle while in use." Nate Chalmers
Franklin Avenue Detailing and Supply
Bloomington, IL

"Thanks for the detail brush. So far it has worked cleaning the air vents and some dried wax in the crevices.  Good tool!" Charley Wagner
East Downington, PA